CR4ZY launch their CS:GO Sqaud

Croatian org CR4ZY has introduced that it has terminated the contracts of their Ukrainian CS:GO Squad.

The org has not solely terminated their CS:GO group but it surely has terminated contracts all of its groups.

CR4ZY acknowledged the Covid Pandemic was the foremost motive for dropping the groups.

Limitations brought on by the virus has resulted the org to take a brand new technique to deal with the state of affairs.

The org has determined to take small steps and constructing smaller mission for the up coming 12 months of 2021.

The groups coach Johnta who put collectively the squad from Challenge X.

The group should discover one other group after a 8 month stint with CR4ZY.

The group peaked at 44 within the rating on the finish of August and in addition certified for the WePlay! Clutch RMR event.

Johnta acknowledged that the squad will stay collectively and will likely be in search of potential orgs to characterize.

Ex CR4ZY Roster:

Sergey “⁠Sergiz⁠” Atamanchuk
Alexandr “⁠Psycho⁠” Zlobin
Dmitriy “⁠SENSEi⁠” Shvorak
Sergiy “⁠DemQQ⁠” Demchenko
Evgeniy “⁠7oX1C⁠” Motsevoy

Ivan “⁠Johnta⁠” Shevtsov (coach)





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