‘Masai Ujiri behaved like terrorists at Munich Olympics’: Alan Strickland’s counterclaim on Raptors proprietor’s shoving incident

Masai Ujiri was embroiled in an unpleasant controversy remaining summer time season when he acquired entangled with a county sheriff whereas attempting to affix his Raptors celebrating a championship.

The county sheriff in question, Alan Strickland, has doubled down on his statements since then. Strickland sued Ujiri for assault and battery remaining 12 months, and Ujiri responded with a counter-suit.

No matter a ton of proof rising in favour of Ujiri, the case continues. This latest assertion by Strickland is solely the type of exaggerated falsehood that he used given that beginning of the row.

Alan Strickland says Masai Ujiri used the equivalent danger as ‘Palestinian terrorists at 1972 Munich’

No matter physique cam footage rising of Strickland initiating contact, the sheriff stays steadfast in his refusal to only settle for his place throughout the escalation.

Strickland stated in courtroom docket that Ujiri had made use of the equivalent threatening language as utilized by these terrorists who killed Israeli athletes on the 1972 Munich Olympics.

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Given the hostile nature of Strickland’s testimony, he appears to be in no mood to once more down from a protracted approved battle.

It’s a shame that Ujiri has to endure the humiliation of exhibiting in courtroom docket repeatedly for attempting to have enjoyable the highest of his expert occupation alongside along with his colleagues.

Nonetheless the probabilities are excessive that Ujiri will emerge victorious from this litigation, so it’s sensible for him to remain his head out on this one.


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